Shipping information and return policy

Shipping costs are based on weight and location and are automatically calculated at checkout after you show your address.

Parcels up to 2kg show the option of standard or registered (tracked) shipping. Please consider all packages over 2kg must be shipped under registered shipping option.
Orders shipped by standard and non-registered service are taken by Spanish National Postal Service without tracking number. In the most unlikely case your package gets lost we cannot provide a refund.

Packages shipped to Europe take around 10-12 days to be delivered after payment has been placed when standard shipping is chosen.


PAYPAL: Our account is All orders paid via PAYPAL have no extra cost or fee.
An order confirmation will be sent by email once we receive your payment.


Return Policy

We only accept returns if the product has been seriously damaged (big crack on spine, vinyl crack, vinyl defect unable to be played, etc.). Small corner hits are not a serious damage on product. We pack carefully to avoid such minor problems.
We accept returns of damaged goods with no extra cost upon reception of your return parcel.

IMPORTANT. Please return your packages to the following address:
Obispo Salvador Reyes 7, Nave EI-1 (Centrolletas)
29013 Malaga, Spain
Phone: +34 951 577 440