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JOHN BAIZLEY, NATE HALL & MIKE SCHEIDT. Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. II (CD Dig)

JOHN BAIZLEY, NATE HALL & MIKE SCHEIDT. Songs Of Townes Van Zandt Vol. II (CD Dig)

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Townes passed away at the age of 52 on January 1, 1997 in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

 And even today, on his 70th birthday, his music touches the people. Many believe he was a genius, and sing his sad, brilliant songs.

In 2012 My Proud Mountain, that was established specifically for this purpose, released the LP „Songs of Townes Van Zandt“ to which the singers and guitarists of the band Neurosis, Scott Kelly & Steve Von Till, as well as the singer of Saint Vitus, Wino, contributed nine of Townes' songs.

The reason: the discovery of Townes Van Zandt by someone who didn’t know him before.  But by the interpretation of the Townes Van Zandt songs of the mentioned musicians, a love arose that finally led to this record.

 And so it continued. The love to Townes’ music brought other musicians together and „Songs of Townes Van Zandt Vol II“ was generated.

The musicians:

John Baizley (Baroness) 

Nate Hall (US Christmas)

Mike Scheidt (Yob) 

All of them guitarists and singers of – in the various genres - beloved and successful metal/psychodelic bands. All of them fans of one man: Townes Van Zandt.

"Well, I love making records and recording songs with people I admire, so this one has been especially rewarding. Van Zandt's legacy is firmly in place, and I doubt I could ever do anything to change that. However, I think everyone involved in this record has the qualities of a true artist, and I think that is something Townes would appreciate. Also, I am glad that there is a powerful female voice on all of the tracks I worked on. Women seemed to be the inspiration, or atleast a major influence on many of his songs. They bring out the raw beauty in this music, and provide a fitting balance to these wonderful dark, sad, honest songs” 

 Nate Hall about his input:

"I worked in a fantastic guitar shop called Mckenzie River Music in Eugene Oregon from 1996-2003. This dusty, cluttered guitar shop was no ordinary shop. We had the best of the best. Pre-World War II Martin and Gibson acoustic and electric guitars, vintage 50's/60's Fender guitars and amps, the most valuable and collectable gear you could buy, along with player's priced quality gear. It was Dick Gunn, the shop's senior salesman and RIPPING country picker, who firstturned me on to Townes. It was a gift for Christmas, a CD with both High Low And In Between, and The Late Great Townes Van Zandt. Upon first listen I knew I was listening to something that wasn't just great. It smacked of Truth, capital T. Whether that truth be tender and lighthearted, or take you to places so lowthat you could hardly pick yourself back up it was so heavy. The way he combined language and guitar chords is one of a kind. Untouchable. Dick Gunn passed away in 2007, and I have yet to still reconcile his loss inside of myself. He taught me so much, gave me everything he had to teach as a player and a human. Listening to Townes functions on multiple levels for me. One of the most treasured experiences of listening to Townes is remembering my friend Dick Gunn, how we picked together, how we talked about Townes and knew that we knew that we knew he was THE BEST. Through and through"


1. To Live Is To Fly (Mike Scheidt)
2. Pancho & Lefty (Nate Hall)
3. St. John The Gambler (John Baizley & Katie Jones) 
4. Rake (Mike Scheidt)
5. Waitin' Around To Die (Nate Hall & Stevie Floyd) 
6. For The Sake Of The Song (John Baizley & Katie Jones)
7. Highway Kind (Mike Scheidt)
8. Our Mother The Mountain (Nate Hall & Dorthia Cottrell)
9. If I Needed You (John Baizley & Katie Jones)

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