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WOLFF & BORGAARD. 3x Black LP + 2x Cd Bundle

WOLFF & BORGAARD. 3x Black LP + 2x Cd Bundle

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Peter Wolff & Borgaard

This bundle includes the Wolff & Borgaard LP.

All items will be shipped together.

Release date November 17th 2023.


Destroyer LP + Breath LP + Repeat LP

Breath CD + Repeat CD

"Destroyer" is the third solo work by Peter Wolff. This time he teams up with Dutch folk singer Jens Bogaard from Knifefight and film maker Kai Lietzke, who already worked with Peter on the last album film “Breath”.

“Destroyer” is a record that combines the dark ambient soundscapes of Peter Wolff with the deep, warm voice of Jens Borgaard and the incredible film work of Kai Lietzke, who produced a complete film for the album.

The combination of Jens Borgaard's traditional folk background with Peter Wolff's affinity for dark electronic music as well as his post-metal/crust-core influences creates a mesmerizing, intimidating soundscape.

Destroyer is an album written after witnessing a fatal car crash. An album that attempts to portray the merciless void experienced by the person that caused a deadly accident and is taken into custody. He is cuffed, put in the back of a police car, and nervously tries to reflect on the mere minutes gone by.

This very moment is what „Destroyer“ is about.

The confrontation, the urge to forget, to flee to anywhere but here and to put blame on anyone but himself and finally he realizes that the death he caused will destroy all that was before.

Like Peter Wolff's double album "Breath", Destroyer will also released as a complete film. Thanks to Kai Lietzke's haunting visuals, "Destroyer" becomes an audiovisual experience.

“The film embodies the disturbing and destructive story of the album without human reference points, only through images with the pure association of natural forces. These are predominantly created artificially and play with the limits of one's own perception by merging organic and virtual aesthetics.

Rocks symbolize the inevitable fate of the protagonist and his surroundings, the phenomenon of mirage and amorphous structures as a metaphor for the slipping away of one's own reality, the sea as a symbol of death and heaven and hell as an exaggerated representation of inner turmoil. A journey through the abyss, reflected in synthetic worlds,” says Kai Lietzke.

The film is cut into video clips for each song.




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