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EXTRAORDINARY ANGELS. A Composition By Braden Diotte (Download Card)

EXTRAORDINARY ANGELS. A Composition By Braden Diotte (Download Card)

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Braden Diotte is a native born Californien, born in 1975. Braden Diotte plays organ and synth on the summer tours in the US in 2022 and the EU in summer 2023 for Steve Von Till. He has toured as a member of legendary krautrockband Faust, priogressive pop band Pinback, psyrock band Tarantúla Hawk, has collaborated with members of avant-garde -metal band Neurosis andn experimental punk band The Locust and has produced albums for industriual doom aact Author & Punisherasa well as the contemporary noise ensemble EXO/ENDO.

Combining heavily arpeggiated synthesizers with electric organ and orchestral percussion, Braden Diotte’s Extraordinary Angels paints the backdrop to a scene most commonly relegated to science fiction films: communion with extraterrestrial life. Familiar timbres intertwine with those that are alien to our ears, in a conversation that emphasizes our similarities and celebrates our differences.

“In essence, Extraordinary Angels is an audible question mark; a note-to-self reminder of the importance of maintaining an inquisitive spirit, and resisting calcification into hard lined notions of what is true, false, right and wrong. It also serves as an homage to unexplored possibilities, undiscovered realities and unconstrained belief in its most innocent form. Based loosely upon the numerous tales of extraterrestrial encounters in the deserts of Southern California in the mid-twentieth century, Extraordinary Angels spends a night of significance under the stars, staring up, asking questions without a need for answers.”

- Braden Diotte


released December 31, 2021


Extraordinary Angels

Composed and Produced by Braden Diotte

Performed by The Angels & Devils of the East Imperial

Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Reba

Cover Photograph by Braden Diotte © 2021

© and ℗ 2021 East Imperial (ASCAP)

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