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ORT. Maschinenhafen LP

ORT. Maschinenhafen LP

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Release date December 1st.

ORT’s new album “Maschinenhafen" is an album beyond all today's listening habits. Two songs (one song per vinyl side) of instrumental unpretentiousness. The album will be released digitally and on vinyl via My Proud Mountain Records.

ORT is a trio from Dortmund, Germany, founded some time before the pandemic. The initial plan of the guitarist also known as Drone Master Solo Artist “N” who played shows all over Europe and the drummer with a notorious past of backing the loudest and most abrasive bands in town was to start some sort of cooperation on the more experimental, electronic side of things.

For some strange reason that plan changed to sweaty, loud practise room jams and led the formation to a full-fledged band, drawing from Doom Metal and Noise-Rock influences among many other styles of creative interests and musical listening habits.

"Maschinenhafen" is ORT’s second album and their first in coorperation with My Proud Mountain. 

In order to capture their raw energy rather than puzzling together something artificial ORT recorded "Maschinenhafen" by playing live together at the well-respected studio "Tonmeisterei” in Oldenburg.

Consisting of two long instrumental compositions, "Maschinenhafen" showcases a side of ORT, which you could call their most epic and atmospheric approach to date, yet the two pieces also march through passages of fierce vehemence and noisy weightiness.

Or to put it another way: trace elements of the early Earth can probably be found in ORT's sound and style. A similarity to the dystopian aura of Killing Joke, and the instrumental lack of labels of a band like Blind Idiot God is no longer that far away from uncompromising Sleep's “Dopesmoker”.


Side A:

LA Rochelle (21.53)

Side B: Achtern (Goor) (23:29)

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