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SCOTT KELLY. Push Me On To The Sun. 12" (Black)

SCOTT KELLY. Push Me On To The Sun. 12" (Black)

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Black Vinyl 12” (one sided 3-song 12” with etching on the back)

Scott Kelly about the three new songs:

“’Push Me On To The Sun’ is a song about my children and some of my regrets about and deepest wishes for their lives.  ‘Endless’ is a story about how drugs and violence effected my life. 

‘Wash Of The Sea’ is about the suffering that is ever present in life's experience.”

“Scott Kelly can reach beyond what most people hear. There is a place that speaks to him, to me, and on and on. We may not understand these strange connections, but we all know there is something there that guides us. This is the way things are. And we are all blessed to be in this small space to feel it.And then we come to redemption. Forgiveness. The world beyond our world. If you think this is a stretch, then you don’t know anything.With his unmistakable deep growl, his fearless lyrical honesty, and rich, spare guitar work, Mr. Kelly lays everything on the line. Only a true artist would be so willingly and completely exposed. So intensely focused on truth, redemption, and healing. So in tune with the song he has always heard inside. His path has been a narrow, dark, and difficult one. But with his most recent work, Scott Kelly shows that his strength and vision has endured it all."

Nate Hall - Spring 2012


1. Endless 00:03:55

2. Push Me On To The Sun,00:03:45

3. The Wash Of The Sea, 00:04:38

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