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TESA. Ghost. 2LP Gtfold

TESA. Ghost. 2LP Gtfold

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01. G
02. H
03. O
04. S
05. T

TESA is a three-piece band from Riga / Latvia which tries not to classify
their style of playing in any particular way, giving the listener a free choice of interpretation, by
mixing different styles and sub-genres, creating something unique and passionate.
Their releases demonstrate passion for experiments with genres and sound textures, mixing dark melodies with feathery soundscapes, ambiences, psychedelic loops and even noise music, abstracting themselves from mainstream standards of heavy music. Previously released albums Tagad, Nekad and Heartbeatsfromthesky have gained recognition as fresh take on the todayís metal music.
Tesa leaves a big impression on whoever sees them performing. Neurosis invited the band to support their European shows in 2016 the second time after 2013.
Ghost is mastered by James Plotkin (SunnO))), Electric Wizard and many more).
CD Comes in Digipack, DoLP high quality gatefold cover with Etching on D-side.

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